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Soaring Cost of Cancer Care

Published: 2018-08-07 |

Source: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

As cost for cancer care skyrocket---projected to be $173 billion by 2020, a 39 percent increase from 2010. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is renewing its call for action to ease the cost of cancer care for patients. Today, LLS released a national "Progress Report on the Cost of Cancer Care," a review of policy measures taken this past year to ease the burden on patients and, importantly, to highlight areas where more work is critically needed.

"While some headway has been made this year to address increasing out-of-pocket costs faced by cancer patients for their treatments and care, far more action is needed to address the financial toxicity that adds to the stress of a cancer diagnosis for patients and their families," said Louis J. DeGennaro, Ph.D., LLS's president and CEO. "As the world's leading nonprofit dedicated to fighting blood cancers, LLS is uniquely positioned to facilitate this collaboration among players in the healthcare ecosystem and to advocate for patients. We've invested more than $1.2 billion in cutting-edge cancer research, resulting in lifesaving treatments and cures for some patients. But new treatments can't help patients who don't have access to them. We must do more to help break down the cost barriers to treatment."

As an organization that puts patients at the forefront, LLS is engaged in discussions with stakeholders across the cancer healthcare system---doctors and hospitals, policymakers and legislators, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers and drugmakers, to find ways to lessen the burden for patients.

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