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About the Foundation


There comes a point in every one of our lives, when we encounter a life changing event. For our family, the unimaginable occurred on October 5th, 2001. This was the day that Stephanie was diagnosed with leukemia. Eleven short months later, September 4th, 2002, our lives were forever changed.

The Experience

While life can be hard to understand at times, we must press on knowing and believing that God is in control. Through it all, Stephanie was very courageous and her faith never waivered. While there were many difficult times, there was a real beauty in the simplicity of what our lives had become. It was all about love. We experienced this with God, each other, our family, friends, other patients, doctors, nurses and complete strangers.

Search, Reflection and Desire

It's only natural to ask a lot of questions when you lose someone you love. We have two fundamental longings, to love and be loved, and to have a life of purpose and meaning.

Reflecting back, there were two things that made a lifetime impression. First there was Stephanie, her spirit before and during her illness will always be a source of inspiration. Secondly, there was the love and support that we received from others. It is amazing how the human spirit can come together to help make a difference when people are in need.

The time spent searching and reflecting led to a genuine desire to help make a difference in the lives of others. Having experienced the challenges that leukemia can bring to a family, our mission was to create a foundation dedicated to the same type of support that we received throughout our journey.

Our Mission Statement

To "Make a Difference" in the lives of leukemia and lymphoma patients.

For more on our mission please see how "We Can Help".

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