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Advice and Assistance


Personal organization is crucial in the day-to-day activities associated with having leukemia or lymphoma. The Stephanie Robinson Foundation has gathered information and created documents that will help guide patients and caregivers through this process. Learn more through the "Planning" section of the website.

Emotional Support

Being diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma can be emotionally devastating. There are organizations that can help patients, caregivers, and their families through this very emotional and trying period. For more information go to the "Emotional Support" tab.


Links to uplifting songs, stories, and books. Click on the "Inspiration" tab for more information.


Helpful website links for cancer centers, educational information, patient services and support. Click on the "Resources" tab for more information.

Financial Support

The Stephanie Robinson Foundation has monetary grants available for qualifying individuals. Applications are located under the "Financial Support" tab.

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